Array union syntax: grumble or bug?

David Bovill david at
Sun Oct 7 08:07:01 EDT 2007

This one has bothered me for a while now - is there a good reason for these
two rather strange behaviors of the "union" command for arrays:

 1) union with an empty base array always result in empty instead of adding
the new array
 2) an array is "empty" even if it is not (null) and has stuff in it (same
with other binary data)

So AFAIK to add an array in a repeat loop to an initially empty array you
need to use an awkward and slow handler like the one below:

on array_Add someArray, @toArray
    -- why cant we just test if array is empty?
    if keys(toArray) is empty then
        -- why does "union" with an empty base array always result in empty?
        put someArray into toArray
        union toArray with someArray
    end if
end array_Add

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