Deleting an object in a group DELETES THE WHOLE GROUP!

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Wed Oct 3 14:59:09 EDT 2007

This problem just popped up this morning (it had been working fine).  I 
have a set of overlapping groups with buttons on the side (themselves in 
a group) that when clicked, select one of the groups to be visible and 
all others to be invisible.  This has worked just fine for several months.

Today I was trying to remove a field from one of the groups.  I selected 
the group, picked "Edit Group", then selected the control I wanted to 
delete.  As soon as I press delete, then entire group is deleted (and 
Undo won't bring it back - in fact, Undo has NEVER worked in any context 
I've ever tried!).  It appears that all of the other groups that were 
"under" the one I was editing have also been deleted.

I say "I think" that happens because the Application Browser refuses to 
show this one stack (although it shows all the others) so I can't see if 
those groups are still there.  If I close the IDE and then restart and 
reload the application, all of the groups have disappeared.

Any ideas what's going on?

Len Morgan

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