Any suggestions on how to "onion skinning"?

Luis luis at
Thu Nov 29 04:54:14 EST 2007


Some time ago we used to add the RGB values together and then divide  
by 3. This was waaaay back, and the results were ok then.

I spotted this on the net:

R*.3+G*.59+B*.11 to get the grey value, haven't tried it.



On 29 Nov 2007, at 00:39, Ken Ray wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 20:50:11 -0200, Andre Garzia wrote:
>> Ken,
>> Have you tried snapshoting the card, then somewhere off screen you  
>> put
>> a gray image on top of the snapshot with some blend and take another
>> shot. Depending on ink combinations you might have a nice result.
> Good idea - I'll compare that speed-wise with other suggestions people
> have made.
>> Another way, which I don't know how fast it is, is to read each pixel
>> in the snapshot and convert it using some proportional gray value.
> Yeah, that was Chipp's suggestion - which I might use too - took about
> 500ms on a 400x400 image on my MacBookPro.
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