Opinion: bug?

Mikey mikeythek at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 14:32:08 EST 2007

I just got hosed by what I would consider a bug in RR, but it probably
bears discussion before reporting it as such.

I created a new maintstack, did a fair amount of work on it, and then
hit close.  I got the save/cancel/don't save dialog.  I hit Save.  The
file Dialog came up and I accidentally hit "Cancel".  Instead of
returning to the stack, it just blew the stack away.

On the one hand (devil's advocate), I did hit cancel in the File dialog.

On the other hand (what I would call the voice of reason), ARE YOU
KIDDING ME?  I didn't hit "Don't Save".  I hit "Save".  I just hit
"cancel" in the filename dialog.

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