How to get PHP to pass colored text to RTF text in Revolution?

rgould8 at rgould8 at
Sun Nov 25 23:05:04 EST 2007

I have php code from my server passing data into a rich-text field in a standalone Revolution stack.? Presently, it does it something like this:

put URL "http://urltomyserver/getdata.php" into field "rtfoutput"

This is a text field which is set up as a table with columns.
So far, this works well for me, but now I need the text field to have different colored text data for some of the columns in this text field.

The only way I can think to do this is to do something like has the PHP code pass data to revolution for the field like:

echo "<rtfcode for green>This text is green<rtfcode for red>and this text is red in the same column.";
but I have no idea what would need to get passed to do such a thing.? 

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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