Problem building Standalone on Windows

Dave dave at
Thu Nov 22 15:39:20 EST 2007


I working on a project for Mac and PC that need the standalone to be  
built on the same Platform as they are deployed on. The Mac build  
works fine for both Mac and Windows (except that the windows version  
won't run, don't ask me, ask Valentina, that's the way they told be  
to do it). But on Mac I don't get the same results at all.

On Mac in the Copy Files pane of the Standalone builder, I have  
specified the files I want to include like this:


and  so on.

On the mac this results in the files specified being put into the  
correct place in the Standalone for both Mac and Windows, e.g:

Mac: jpg


AppName/Windows//RunTime/Stacks/StackA. rev
AppName/Windows//RunTime/images/ImageX. jpg

But on Windows, the sub-folder(s) do not get created and all the  
files are lumped into the same folder as the App.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

All the Best

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