beta dp2

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Thu Nov 22 03:24:34 EST 2007

Very nice to see selection of database via query builder now working.  Fonts 
still an issue on Debian, probably as noted in the release notes.  However, 
the big one, which is not a bug really, though it is in the bug database, but 
more a way of working, is that it still doesn't seem to support multiple 

Surely this is going to be a necessity with Spaces?  

What I mean is, you put the dictionary on one desktop, your app and palette on 
another, then open the editor on a third.  The thing you expect is to be able 
to keep them there and work.  Just flip over to the other DT to look at the 
dictionary when you want to.   Drag the windows around from one DT to another 
using the little Gnome or KDE desktop device.  Every other linux application 
behaves this way.  But with Rev, the minute you use either the editor or the 
palette or the toolbar, back they all flick to the one desktop, and there you 
are, half a dozen desktops open and empty, and all your windows scrunched up 
one behind the other getting in each others way.

The little window placement icon on the very top left above the file menu is 
there on all windows.  Its just that it only works temporarily.

I must try it with a tabbed window manager and see if the same problem 
happens.  But whatever, it needs to work properly in the mainstream X Windows 
environments.  Or is there some way of making it work properly that I'm 


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