Quicktime and Encoder

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon Nov 19 07:48:29 EST 2007

Hi Tiemo,

> Hi all,
> Coming from the windows world and having read the last Quicktime  
> threads, I
> would like to hear your experiences to these topics, which are still  
> not
> clear for me:
> 1. Does anybody has seen anywhere a list, which codecs are by standard
> installed, if you install the quicktime player. E.g. if you use  
> Sorenson 3
> Codec for encoding, is it bundeled with the player, or do I have to
> redistribute my codecs with my app? or other codecs.

Check this for a list of avialable/installed codecs with QT:

> 2. Has anybody a personal quality comparison between the Sorenson 3  
> codec
> and the new H.264? Is H.264 actually now the "state of the art"?  
> Which codec
> is the best quality choice in your eyes for offline content, no  
> streaming,
> not worrying of the file size?

Sorry, no idea :-)

> 3. I know of the apple licence and logo restrictions. Does anybody  
> knows, if
> I also have to licence and print the QT logo on my product, if I  
> only have
> included Quicktime movies and no player install in my product?

No need for that in this case.

This is only demanded by Apple if you enclose the Apple QT-installer  
in your product!

> I just wanted to point my customers to the QT download site.

Apple will surely like that ;-)

> 4. I have to encode 18000 (yes, eighteen thousand, each only 1-3 sec!)
> videos and I am looking for a high quality encoding suite with good  
> batch /
> job queue capabilities. I know discreet cleaner XL. Now I was  
> looking, if
> there are (even better) alternatives. The Sorenson squeeze suite  
> unlimited
> is with $ 2500,- per year horrendous expensive ( The standard squeeze
> compression suite for $ 499,- has a limit of 1500 encodes per month,  
> which
> is for this big project not enough) Which tools do you use?  
> (especially with
> batch capabilities).

You could use Trevor's WONDERFUL Enhanced QT External to create your
own batch script in Rev for this task!

> 5. If you use a flash codec in a mov file. Has the output the same  
> quality
> as a native flash movie? - In your personal experience

No experience, sorry.

> Thanks for sharing your experiences
> Tiemo


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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