Cross-platform video w/out QT

Josh Mellicker josh at
Sat Nov 17 23:26:29 EST 2007

MPEG4 would be better quality with smaller file sizes, but if it  
won't play on XP in Rev then you can export MPEG1 files from ffmpeg.

Also any software that makes VCDs, like Toast.

On Nov 16, 2007, at 5:21 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> One of the products I manage uses a lot of video, and while we've  
> been happy with using QT for playback some of our customers' IT  
> departments really hate the extra install.
> So we're looking to move away from dependence on QT, hoping to find  
> a format that will run with the default installation of XP, Vista,  
> and OS X.  Extra bonus points if we could also support Win2k, but  
> not necessary.
> WMV compresses well with good quality, but requires the user to  
> download and install Flip4Mac.
> MPEG-4 would be good, but doesn't appear to be supported in XP (am  
> I missing something with that?).
> MPEG-2 would probably be good, but we'd have to buy a separate  
> component from Apple just to try out the export.
> MPEG-1 might even be worth looking at, but I can't find any export  
> for it in QT Player Pro, only for MPEG-4.
> So am I stuck with AVI, or is there some trick to getting MP4  
> playable on XP?
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