Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed Nov 14 23:35:02 EST 2007

 I seem to be failing to understand the use of the
libURLSetFTPStopTime command. The docs say:

"When Revolution opens a socket to a host in order to upload or
download a file via ftp, or to delete a file, it leaves the connection
open for a time after the transaction completes. If another file is
requested from the same FTP server during that time, Revolution uses
the same socket instead of opening another one. This saves time if you
are transferring multiple files with the same server, since the socket
does not need to be set up again for each file."

However I find that if I am transferring lots of files, that Rev opens
a new connection for each file regardless and I rapidly get to a stage
where the server is rejecting my commands because I have too many
connections open.

So I tried increasing this stop time assuming that then it would keep
using the same connection for each file transfer, but this was not the
case. The solution was to decrease this stop time to make sure that
each connection closed as soon after the file transfer as possible.
That way I was able to download lots of files in a single session.

Dave - are you there? Am I making some logical error or is there
something wrong with either the docs or the way this operates?


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