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Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Wed Nov 14 07:27:24 EST 2007

Couldn't he just capture shutDownRequest?

on shutDownRequest
end shutDownRequest

on cleanUpStuff
   # do all your special quit things here
   quit # actually quits when you're done saving or changing or whatever
end cleanUpStuff


on cleanUpStuff
   # do all your special quit things here
   pass shutDownRequest # let's Rev handle the shutDownRequest and 
quit as it normally would
end cleanUpStuff

>Hi Peter,
>I'm not sure about Problem 2 but regarding Problem 1, you need to 
>trap an AppleEvent in order for a standalone to perform some 
>activities before quitting. For example, put this script in your 
>main stack script and when theClass = "aevt" and theID = "quit", you 
>can successfully trap the program before it quits. eg.
>on appleEvent theClass,theID
>   if theClass = "aevt" and theID = "quit" then
>     -- do something
>     quit
>   end if
>end appleEvent
>Best Regards,

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