ResumeStack message... bug?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Nov 12 23:00:44 EST 2007

Mark Swindell wrote:

> At the stack level of each of the sub stacks place this script:
> on resumeStack
> go stack "AAA"
> put "hello"&return after field 1   
> end resumeStack
> Now, toggle back and forth, slowly, between the two substack windows so 
> that each alternately comes to the front.
> What I experience (and another list member confirmed) is this:
> On the first two toggles a  resumestack message is sent and "hello" 
> appears in field 1 of stack "AAA".
> On the next two toggles a resumeStack message appears NOT to be sent and 
> no "hello" appears.
> Then two more "hellos"
> Then two "no hellos."

I can't quite work out the repercussions entirely, but I think the 
problem may be due to nested resumeStack messages. The script is opening 
another stack during its own resumeStack handler, which will trigger the 
same message in the newly-opened stack. Since that one also has a 
resumeStack handler with a "go" in it, I think you are getting some kind 
of recursion as the two bounce back and forth. Try locking messages 
before issuing the "go" command to see if that helps.

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