deleting every other line in an image

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at
Mon Nov 12 19:15:09 CST 2007

Le 13 nov. 07, à 01:50, Josh Mellicker a écrit :

> Hi François,
> Wow! I don't need those, but it is very impressive if you have 
> implemented those algorithms!
> What I am hoping to do is simply throw away every other line and 
> construct a new image only consisting of every other line.
> I wonder if there is a way to use some kind of crude  "nearest 
> neighbor" resizing method where I can resize to 50%, that will not 
> blend the lines but just throw away every other one.

if you have Photoshop (or an app that accepts photoshop plugins), you 
may have a look at a very elementary filtering+subsampling series of 
exercices at

The programming is based is based on adobe's filter factory, and allows 
you to experiment on image processing within photoshop with a very 
simple yet effective programming language.

To come back to Rev, I just discovered that Rev had a "Raw" description 
of images. If I have the time, I will implement the photoshop exercise 
in Rev. The idea is to provide a free demonstration (i.e., it does not 
require Matlab or Photoshop...) Ah!! time.....


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