XML Problem?

Dave Cragg dave.cragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Mon Nov 12 10:51:24 EST 2007

On 12 Nov 2007, at 14:44, Dave wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a problem with the code below, I get "xmlerr, can't find  
> element" returned on each of the calls to revXMLAttribute, but I  
> can't for the life of me see why? I have copied the XML in  
> questions to the end of this message.

Are the entities (< , >) actually part of your XML, or is that  
something that just happened for the mail? They need to appear as  
proper XML tags for your script to work.E.g.  <Tracks>SentListID="2"  
ListName="Greatest 60's Protest Songs" PlayNow="0">

Dave C

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