Anyone noticing stalled uploading? find a solution?

Josh Mellicker josh at
Fri Nov 9 21:03:58 EST 2007

> On 9 Nov 2007, at 21:52, Josh Mellicker wrote:
>> I am uploading a list of files.
>> After uploading a few files with no problem, uploading "stalls"  
>> with no progress, and no timeout message is sent.
> Are you monitoring the error status with libURLSetStatusCallback.  
> This won't properly indicate a timeout.
> (This came up on the list recently.)

Ah, I do remember that! But does this mean you can't drive a progress  
bar? libURLSetStatusCallback sends a "bytes uploaded" number...

> Depending on how you are uploading the files, the ways to check for  
> a timeout are:
> 1. If using "put ... into url ..." or "post ... to url ..."
> Check the result immediately after the put/post statement.

Some of the files are large, and as I understand, "put" has to load  
the whole file into memory, which could crash the app with a large  
file, right?

> 2. If using libUrlFtpUpload or libuUrlFtpUploadFile
> Use the message callback parameter in either of these commands.

Ah. I will try this, thanks!

>> The first thing I tried was implementing a "red light/green light"  
>> to make the upload blocking, so the second file would wait (with  
>> messages) for the first file to successfully finish uploading  
>> before proceeding, and so on. This seemed to help a little, but  
>> uploading still stalls intermittently.
> Depending on how you do this, there may be a problem. You should  
> avoid using "wait" while any libUrl stuff is going on.

Even wait with messages?

> If using put or post, you can just use a standard repeat loop.  
> Check the result after each call and then do the next one. If using  
> libUrlFtpUpload, you can use the callback message to trigger the  
> next upload.
>> In theory, this sounds good, but so far, we haven't been able to  
>> get the "resetAll" to work...
> If using "libUrlResetAll", be careful. You shouldn't follow it  
> immediately with new libUrl calls. It's best to let some kind of  
> idle time occur first. Using "send ... in " to trigger the new set  
> of uploads should work.
> Of course, there could be some other wonky stuff going on. :-)

Thanks for all the info!


> Cheers
> Dave
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