Planning ahead for threads and more interactivity in rev apps

Mark Smith mark at
Thu Nov 8 13:14:14 EST 2007

And to add to what Jim and Phil have said, you can also use the cgi  
engines to create your own shell commands. If you put a copy of the  
appropriate cgi engine in a folder somewhere (I put it at the top  
level of the disk ( "/revShell"), and set it's permissions  
appropriately, you can then write cgi-type scripts that can read and  
write files, make other shell calls, and so-on.

Since these cgi-type scripts are your own, you make calling them non- 
blocking by using shell redirects, and then have them write files  
that you can monitor, both for their status and their results,  
leaving your main app free to handle the gui. It probably wouldn't be  
too hard to use a shell command like ps to monitor CPU and memory  
usage, and so have some sort of queuing system to prevent hogging the  



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