Rev cgi on Win 2K server, anyone ?

jbv jbv.silences at
Wed Nov 7 07:21:41 EST 2007


thanks for the reply.

> jbv-
> Monday, November 5, 2007, 2:34:28 PM, you wrote:
> > I've found some advices / tutorials in the list archives, but most
> > of them are at least 18 months old...
> Hmmm... 18 months sounds like you're looking at my posting of
> instructions on how to do this in IIS.

yes indeed.

> I undertook that when I was
> working on my rev-to-web converter, and running the whole thing under
> Windows server was just one more part of that masochistic process. The
> instructions still work with the latest IIS.
> But my advice, having been through this once, would be to ignore my
> previous instructions (!) and install Apache. Forget you ever heard of
> IIS, disable the service, and just let Apache take over the web server
> tasks. You'll make your life much simpler, the server will be more
> stable and easier to manage, and you may be able to reuse most of the
> configuration files you have set up on your linux server.

well, unfortunately I have no choice. My client is a company that sells
high end services based around Win servers, Blackberries and other similar
devices for which they developped custom apps..
They're too busy to take care of their own website, so a friend of mine
reshaped their website and I was asked to install some online tools for
updating web pages content that I had built around Rev cgi on Linux
servers. Last but not least, the whole thing must be up and running by
next monday... so I have no other choice than to make everything work
under Windows asap... the other option would be to re-write all my
scripts in php, but I will lack time and frankly, I don't really like php...

fortunately, that company is packed with engineers specialists of the
windows world; they even have a commercial / technical partnership
with MS AFAIK. so I'm not too worried about their abilities to
configure IIS...
what I'm more concerned with, is to find a Rev cgi engine that runs
on a Win2K server. Your above mentioned post to the list featured
a link to a Rev engine for Win... do you know which version it is
(at least 2.5 I hope), if there's no problem with it (such as missing
C libraries) and if it includes the revdb library (I will need to access
mySQL 5) ?

> ...and remember, of course, that the line endings are annoyingly
> different on Windows cgi scripts...

that's not a problem, as I'm using BBEdit on Mac as a script


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