[UPD] Script Editor Mod 002

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Wed Nov 7 03:34:47 CST 2007


thanks for that enhancement.
One little thing about line numbering here with windows version of Rev.

If i open a new script the cursor is betwenn "on mouseup" and "end mouseup".
If i enter code, the first line i enter is line 1, instead of "on mouseup"
I have to put the cursor before "on mouseup" and press enter to get this text as line 1.
It´s not really important, but i thought i should mention.



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Subject: [UPD] Script Editor Mod 002 (07-Nov-2007 9:27)
From:    Shao Sean <shaosean at wehostmacs.com>
To:      runrev260805 at m-r-d.de

Just a quick note to let those interested that a new version of the 
script editor modification has been released.

- added script line numbering
- fixed a menu flickering problem
- clicking between handlers updates the handler list much quicker
- cleaned up some of the code with the splitter

Screenshot: http://shaosean.tk/_resources/images/image.png
Download: http://shaosean.tk/revide.php

There are still a few little quirks that I can't seem to iron out so 
if anyone is interested in helping out, please contact me directly.

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