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Tue Nov 6 11:44:13 EST 2007

although somewhat off-topic, this might be a good time to add that 
Dar Scott's 'Message Mechanics Primer'  example stack will help one 
wrap one's head around the oft-confusing world of messages:

A Primer on Message Mechanics. This module (stack file) is a primer 
on using send, cancel, pendingMessages and callbacks. Those are the 
basic Revolution components needed to get your stacks to do several 
things at the same time. The primer starts from the basics and builds 
on those, providing examples and details along the way. It is 88 tiny 
pages long and if that is not long enough for you, note that it is 
set up so you can add your own pages. It is fun and... It is Free!


>Hello Mark!
>If my first wife had not asked me to get the "big snip" as an 
>anniversary present many years ago, I'd name my next male child 
>after you for that little tidbit.  I may still consider re-naming my 
>first born male child after you, although at 22, he may have some 
>thoughts on the matter.
>You have saved me DAYS of frustration in tracking down why my 
>preOpenStack is getting executed AGAIN when I quit the app!  Is that 
>little item documented anywhere?  Now that I see it in writing and 
>knowing (a little) about how the message path works, it makes 
>perfect sense.  I guess I always figured that when I opened another 
>stack, the message was sent to it.  It never occurred that if there 
>was no preOpenStack message, that it would get passed back to the 
>caller!  Perhaps that is obvious to everyone but me.
>Thanks again!!!
>len morgan


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