Klaus' problem with focus

Claus Dreischer claus at dreischer.de
Mon Nov 5 06:03:35 EST 2007

Hello Peter,

it was so very obvious to me that it has to be something with "focus" that i would have sworn Klaus' left hand for that ...
Glad he wasn't around ;-)


> This is another classic example of what Ken expressed so clearly.
> I read the entry in the dictionary several times, and even knowing the
> answer, 
> had to work hard at grasping that this what what to use when you wanted to
> to 
> check for if the user wants to save changes before exiting a card.
> The entry itself would have been enormously increased in usefulness if there
> were a section below it called 'Main things you can use this for'.
> Even more so if in addition to this there had been a link from an entry 
> like 'confirm changes' or 'ask whether to save'.
> Peter

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