"proof-of-concept" Revolution Open Access Dictionary at revcoders.org

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 17:51:41 EST 2007

I've had a look Josh.  I started the stack and got this error:

     	executing at 8:48:26 AM
Type	Chunk: can't find background
Object	termCommentMaker
Line	setBottom the name of grp "comments"
Hint	stack "/Users/sarah/Downloads/revcoders_db_api.rev"

However after that I could select a term and get to the web page. From
the web page, I found searching does not yet work. No matter what I
typed in, I got a list starting with the "with" entry.

One time I got a short list which didn't seem to have any connection
to my search term. I clicked "Show more.." or something like that, but
now I can only get to the more verbose list of search results.

I added a comment for testing purposes.


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