Newbie Questions

Jonathan Scott songe at
Sun Nov 4 16:58:48 EST 2007

	My name is Jonathan Scott.  I was using SuperCard for quite a  
while.  Hypercard before that.  I recently moved over to RunRev.  I'm  
sorry to bug you with simple stuff, but I don't seem to be able to  
find the answers on my own.
	I have a stack that is supposed to write out text files.  When I use  
the normal file writing procedure (as shown below):

open file thisfile for write
write thisstuff to file thisfile
close file thisfile

	I can get the files to show up, but they don't appear immediately.   
Even if I reboot the computer, the files won't show up.  The only way  
to get them to show up is to do a search of my hard drive for the  
file name and then, the computer will tell me about them.
	So, I switched to the put thisstuff into URL "file:thisfile"  
method.  And that works a whole lot better.

	Here's the problem though: I can't get either of these methods to  
work in a standalone.  When I save the stacks out as a standalone, no  
files ever get written, no matter what I do.


Next problem:

	send "mouseUp" to bg btn "Bob" doesn't work for me at all when I put  
it in the openstack handler.
	I researched it out on the net, and they said that this was a  
problem with the preferences file getting corrupted.  The suggested  
advice was to throw away the preferences file.  I did this, but, it  
still didn't work.  It goes without saying that it was also  
unsuccessful in a standalone.

	Thanks.  I'm sorry to bother you with trivial matters.

	P.S. I'm on a mac running Tiger.  Thank you again.

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