Problem with FocusIn

Claus Dreischer claus at
Sun Nov 4 11:16:18 EST 2007


on a side note:
It's nice that some people are trying to improve the documentation 
(wiki, etc.),
but on the other hand, there are people (me) who even can't read the 
existing documentaion =:-/

The solution to my problem is the closeField message, which is only 
sent when the content *has* changed.

Thanks Stephen!


>check the field locking.
>from the docs:
>If the control is an unlocked field or a button whose menuMode is 
>"comboBox", the openField message is sent to it instead of the 
>focusIn message.
>A locked field receives the focusIn message when the user tabs to it 
>or otherwise makes it active (focused), or when text in it is 
>selected by a handler.
>>i have problems with the focusIn message.
>>What i want to achive is to remember the value of a field
>>when the user is editing it (on focusIn). After that (on focusOut),
>>i would like to check the new value against the remembered one.
>>If they are different, the change has to be saved,
>>so i ask the user to do so when he's leaving the card.
>>I think the focusIn message is not sent because even something like
>>on focusIn
>>	beep
>>end focusIn
>>does not work.



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