Stripping html tags (was Re: Problem with revExecuteSQL - More)

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Fri Nov 2 12:23:23 EDT 2007

On 11/2/07 3:42 AM, "Eric Chatonet" <eric.chatonet at>

> Hi Jim and Dave,
> Sorry I did not read this thread too much...
> I should have :-)
> Not sure that I understand Dave's request because I have not read all
> novels posted in this thread :-)
> Probably, Jim makes an allusion to the StripTags function that is in
> the script of the unique card of the Rev Search Engine?
> I hope so... 

Found the handler:  this will strip tags and parse things like "'"
Caution: It has been modified to work with a particular app I wrote, so step
through it and adjust to your recipe.

--watch out for the word wrap that your email client may have used

function StripTags pHtml
  local tRegex,tPrevText
  get  ("é,à,ç")
  get  it & (",>,<,ê")
  get  it & (",è,©,•")
  get  it & (",',·,&")
  -- add more chars if you wish, then...
  constant kHtml = it
  constant kConvertedHtml = "é,à,ç,>,<,ê,è,©"
  --using contants means you cannot accidentally
  --    modify these vars and damage the results
  replace numtochar(13) with empty in pHtml
  replace tab with empty in pHtml
  replace "<td" with numtochar(160)&"<td" in pHtml
  put replacetext(pHtml,"(?Usi)<SCRIPT.*</SCRIPT>","") into pHtml
  put replacetext(pHtml,"(?Usi)<STYLE>.*</STYLE>","") into pHtml
  put replacetext(pHtml,"(?Usi)<\?.*\?>","") into pHtml
  replace " " with space in pHtml
  replace "<BR>" with return in pHtml
  replace "<p>" with return in pHtml
  put  "<[^><]*>" into tRegex
  put replacetext(pHtml,tRegex,"") into pHtml
  put replacetext(pHtml,tRegex,"") into pHtml

  ----- repeat replacements until there are no changes
  repeat until tPrevText is pHtml
    put pHtml into tPrevText
    put replacetext(pHtml," +",space) into pHtml
    put replacetext(pHtml,"^ ","") into pHtml
  end repeat
  replace (space & return) with return in pHtml
  replace (return & space) with return in pHtml
  filter pHtml without empty
  replace numtochar(160) with empty in pHtml
  replace """ with quote in pHtml
  repeat with i = 1 to the number of items of kHtml
    replace item i of kHtml with item i of kConvertedHtml in pHtml
  end repeat
  --put pHtml into msg  --let's you see the result in the msg box
  return pHtml
end StripTags

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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