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Thu Nov 1 19:43:21 EDT 2007


I feel your pain, but unfortunately I don't think it is possible for  
the Rev documentation to encompass all of the nuances of working with  
XML and databases. There are entire libraries dedicated to those  
subjects, and there are times when Rev will only be able to provide a  

It's always nice when the Rev docs can predict and document common  
tasks, but the reality is that if you are working with XML  
extensively, you'll want to grab a reference on XML (which would  
cover encoding/decoding special characters). Ditto for databases -  
Rev supports several, but can hardly document all of the nuances of  
each or even begin to deal with SQL in general.

With that said, there is a bright side - the expertise of this list  
=) !!!

- Brian

> Yo Jim,
> I knew someone would remember! Guess I've been on here to long to  
> not think that! Thanks Y'All!
> I just knew it would be something like that. This is a place where  
> the documentation is poor, just a mention about this in anyone of  
> the "database" related topics of the online help would have made it  
> sooooooooooooo much easier.
> This is my main gripe with RunRev really. There are three features  
> that I've used lately (and not used before), advertised to death on  
> the news letters, etc. And when you use them, god help you if you  
> want to do anything other than the rather plain examples. As soon  
> as you get into a "real-life" situation RunRev (in my experience)  
> lets you down.
> Hours coding and design takes a day or more to get right, just  
> because of the documentation and the lack of central place and bad  
> support.
> Oh well such is life...................
> All take and thanks for the help, Eric if you read this and have  
> the code, please send me a link???
> All the Best
> Dave
> On 1 Nov 2007, at 22:41, Jim Ault wrote:
>> Sorry about that, Dave,  I thought you were referring to the
>> INSERT command in Sql.  My mistake.
>>>> Basically, you are including control characters in the data you are
>>>> trying
>>>> to store, so Sql does not see those characters as *data*.
>>> This has nothing to do with SQL, this is before the data is written,
>>> in fact I can insert the data ok. The problem is that some of the
>>> data has these weird characters. I am dealing with a "typical"
>>> MusicBase. From looking at the track that have these characters in
>>> then I'd say they came from a PC. I seem to remember somewhere now
>>> that said you have to do something to the data you wrote to  
>>> ensure it
>>> will work on a Mac and PC. Does anyone remember??
>> The weird characters are the code for special characters in HTML  
>> and XML.
>> Browsers will decode these so the view of the page will see only  
>> the single
>> character represented.  Your program has to do the same thing as a  
>> browser,
>> parse the file paths to detect and convert these codes.
>> Eric Chatonet wrote a web page tag cleaning routine that did just  
>> this
>> (quite a while ago).  I cannot remember which stack it was, but  
>> this would
>> be a repeat loop where a whole set of these html entities will be  
>> converted.
>> Perhaps he will chime in and remind us.
>> Ken Ray has very good info on how to detect the platform and  
>> adjust the file
>> path to work in Rev.
>> About half way down the page are some goodies.
>> Also, you should use the following:
>> if not(there is a file tPathFilename) then answer "ooops"
>> if not(there is a folder tFoldername) then answer "ooops"
>> Hope this is of more help.  I thought you were trying to move data  
>> in and
>> out of Sql.
>> Jim Ault
>> Las Vegas
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