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Dave dave at
Thu Nov 1 14:49:28 EDT 2007


If I look at the folder in question in the finder is says "Blank &  
Jones", and if I select the file in iTunes and do a "Show File in  
Finder" then it takes me to the file ok.

However, when I read the Database file the weird characters are  
present. At a Guess I'd say there was a non-showing character after  
the &  which is being interpreted as #38; As far as I can tell this  
is the only file that has this problem so I'm tempted to just write  
it off as one of those things. I'm a bit worried in case it comes  
back to bite me though.

Just did a search on the database and *wherever* there is an  
ampersand "&" character is is followed by #38;  This MUST point to  
something! Just not sure what!

I am looking into this a bit deeper now.

All the BEst

On 1 Nov 2007, at 18:28, Len Morgan wrote:

> Dave wrote:
>> However I now have a another weird problem, I have a field that  
>> represents a file path, in this case the path is:
>> /Users/Dave/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Blank & Jones/Addicted  
>> To Trance (Disc 1)/11 DJs, Fans And Freaks.mp3
>> However a "if there is a file" fails on this path. When I look I  
>> can't see the & in the file name. I'm guessing it's something  
>> to do with UTF16 vs UTF8 or something, but I'm not sure how to  
>> resolve it. The database I am writing is set to UTF8 which AFAIK  
>> is the only option for SQLite.
>> Any ideas what how to overcome this problem?
> 1) Is the &#38 part of the filename?
> 2) Can you type the filename "by hand"
> 3) Do you need the ENTIRE filename or is the "/Users/Dave/Music/ 
> iTunes/iTunes Music/" part common to all the files?  If it's  
> common, you might consider saving this part in a separate variable.
> 4) If you look at the htmlText  (you might have to put the path  
> into a field variable to do this, is the & there?
> 5) This might be an OS issue (i.e., the OS is playing with the  
> displayed text).  Have you tried getting the length of the string  
> before and after putting it into the field?  If it's translating  
> the code & into a single character, the displayed length should  
> be shorter than what you've typed (by 4 characters I think).
> 6) Just for my own curiousity, what IS &?
> len morgan
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