error in function handler revPaletteObjects

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Mar 21 15:59:23 EDT 2007

Ralf Bitter wrote:

> I get the following error no matter if it is a Win standalone or
> a Mac standalone:
> Type: Function: error in function handler
> Object: button "revTable" of group "revLibraries" of card id 1002 of 
> stack ...
> Line: set the cCurrentObject of the target to revPaletteObjects()
> Line Num: 50
> Hint: revPaletteObjects
> This happens as soon, as the field gets the openField message
> The same test works with version 2.7.4 but ...
> If, in version 2.7.4, I place an editable table field onto the stack
> I get an error as follows in the standalone as soon as I click onto the 
> table:
> Type: Handler: can't find handler
> Object: button "revTable" of group "revLibraries" of card id 1002 of 
> stack ...
> Line: send "revUpdateDatabase pObject,txcell,tycell,tNewText" to pObject
> Line Num: 451
> Hint: revUpdateDatabase
> Can anybody confirm this? If yes, is there a known workaround?

I've seen this once before but I can't remember where. There is a 
missing handler in the current implementation of the revCommon library, 
if I remember right. For now, try putting this into your stack script:

function revPaletteObjects
  return empty
end revPaletteObjects

I think this works. It shouldn't affect your stack or table fields, 
because it is just making a call to an IDE handler that your standalone 
shouldn't need.

This fix is for Rev 2.8. I haven't investigated the error you mention 
for 2.7.4.

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