Revolution and Unicode

kee nethery kee at
Sun Mar 18 00:19:58 EDT 2007

My primary problem is that I need to access a web page that is UTF8,  
and convert it to unicode so that I can edit it and save it out as a  
file of unicode. There are a few good examples of how to deal with  
unicode in revolution but so far no examples of using get URL  
"http:// ..." to obtain the UTF8 web page and convert it to unicode.

Here are things I have learned about revolution and unicode after  
many hours of searching:

The DVD from Revcon 2006 has the talk by Devin Asay on unicode and it  
covers lots of the gotchas on using Unicode.

Devin has a web page with some similar content

His stack from the Revcon 2006 presentation has the example scripts  
that he referred to and although I have a copy from the conference, I  
cannot find any references to it online to provide a url.

The name revolution is terrible when doing google searches because it  
is so generic. The hits on Revolution and Unicode rarely discuss  
runtime revolution and it's unicode capabilities.

The thing that does seem useful is searching in google with this:
unicode url

and the closest entries to the problem I am running into are:

If this is hopeless using
get URL "http:// ..."
to grab utf8 and convert it to unicode it would be great to know that  

Thanks in advance,
Kee Nethery

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