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Thu Mar 15 12:51:53 CDT 2007

On Mar 15, 2007, at 11:19 AM, Dave Ingledew - WCS wrote:

> Hi All,
> Please be patient with me, I started programming (exploring)  
> Revolution a few days ago. I'm not an inexperienced programmer,  
> nearly 30 years with C, Informix, SQL WIndows, PHP and a bit of VB.  
> But I'm still finding some of Revolutions syntax a bit strange. I  
> love it though and I hope to use it lots in the future.
> I'm trying to fill the menu or list items of a ComboBox with items  
> selected from a database.
> I've sorted out the database connection, opening the database,  
> executing the SQL that selects the data and then using a While -  
> Repeat loop to step through the dataset and displaying the data a  
> record at a time with answer. So far so good but how on earth do I  
> get this data into the ComboBox.
> The best indication I found lurking in the description of the  
> ComboBox was to use the "Text" property.
> I've trawled the email Archive back to last August and though I've  
> found a few ideas, which are going to be very helpful, nothing that  
> helps with this.
> If anybody can help I would be most grateful


Welcome to the Revolution!

put variableThatHasYourDataInIt into button "YourComboBox"

Supplying the proper variable name and button name, of course.



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