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Martin Blackman martinblackman at
Thu Mar 15 08:36:02 CDT 2007

Hi Klaus,
thanks for your interest. The following are the pertinent lines. If I
set the left of stack "Printstack" to say 250, it is onscreen and the
capture works OK (but this requires the printstack to be visible and
hence is not presenting a polished result for a print preview). If I
set to 2500 I get the previously mentioned error. If I set to part on
screen, part off I get only the on-screen portion. (I think this
behaviour has been discussed on the list before)

set the left of stack "printstack" to 2500  --off screen
put the windowid of stack "PrintStack" into tWinID
put "0,0,"& the width of stack "printstack" & comma & the height of
stack "printstack" into trect
set the rect of the templateimage to trect
create invisible image imgname in group "Pages" of stack "PrintPreview"
export snapshot from rect trect of window tWinID to pictvar as JPEG
put pictvar into image imgname of stack "PrintPreview"

> sounds like a syntax problem. Could you post your code?
> >> ... You might be able to try export image and see if it doesn't
> >> work with offscreen images in 2.7...I seem to think that might work.
> Regards
> Klaus Major
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