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This discussion brought to mind:

At 03:15 PM 3/14/2007, you wrote:
>Parallels does support Vista, however M$'s EULA restricts
>virtualizing to only the Business and Ultimate versions.
>Ah, the wonders of confusing software version structures. Isn't it
>amazing that pretty much every other vendor (At least, anyone worth
>speaking of) offers one version of their Operating System? That
>doesn't include Server Versions, of course, but anyone interested in
>actually buying a computer for day to day use isn't going to look at
>that as an option, are they?
>On Mar 14, 2007, at 1:54 PM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>>Gosh! Wow! Jolly-Hockey-Sticks!
>>And, Windows Vista comes with lots of hidden extras
>>that crop up just when you need them; they're called
>>Viruses, Torojans, Malware and Spyware.
>>For some 'funny' reason none of my Pentium IIIs 700
>>MHz "warhorses" can cope with Windows Vista - and,
>>oddly enough, that doesn't matter because they do a
>>wonderful job running Ubuntu.
>>Guess I'll just stick with my Dear "old" (i.e. 4
>>years) G4 Dual Mirror Door Wind-Tunnel (Hey, now
>>that's a groovy moniker for a computer), the PPC
>>Mac-Mini (I had to move quickly!) and the warhorses -
>>minimal maintenance both in terms of time and money.
>>When Apple stop support for PPC I will, either
>>continue with the last PPC version of the Mac OS or
>>swap over to a PPC version of Linux.
>>Here, in Bulgaria, folks are either sticking with
>>their pirate versions of Win 98, 2000, 2003 or XP, or
>>(when the police start breathing down their necks)
>>stumping up the $$$ for a legal version fo XP. Nobody,
>>but nobody, has the money to buy a PC capable of
>>coping with the high demands of Vista. A very few have
>>changed over to Linux; no doubt more will.
>>Please do not think I am belittling Runtime Revolution
>>(the company); but I am belittling the baby that spent
>>far too long in the womb and now suffers from all the
>>faults of its ancestors, plus a few more.
>>Certainly, were I the owner of an Intel Mac (which I
>>suppose I will become one of these days - not for a
>>while though) I would be interested in the Parallels
>>offer. As it is at the moment I am fairly well off
>>with the last Connectix version of Virtual PC running
>>I believe that PARALLELS WILL NOT RUN VISTA although I
>>would not swear to it.
>>While I'm on a "rant" I will sound off about N***le
>>breakfast cereals:
>>The other day I bought a box of 'chocolate balls' (I
>>can't remember what they are called) that my children
>>eat to guarantee hyper-activity, and noticed it came
>>with a CD computer-game which would only function on
>>Windows (3 hours later, puffing and blowing, I got it
>>running on WINE!) Luckily my children are as daft as
>>their father so did not start the inevitable "I wanna
>>Windows box" whine - but the manipulative intent of
>>this kind of "freebie" is clear to anybody but the
>>Epsilon semi-morons.
>>Its been a long day and its "my time of the month"
>>(i.e. when I grow hairs on the palms of my hands). . .
>>sincerely, Richmond Mathewson
>>A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development
>>Life Cycle.
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