Linux questions for Jacque

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Wed Mar 14 14:56:26 EDT 2007

Thanks Jacque, please see my answers below.

Bob Warren wrote:

> > 1. In Rev Linux 2.6.1, can foreign symbols (with accents) be printed on 
> >> the printer or not?
>I asked about this. It raised more questions. In general, there 
shouldn't be any problem. Portuguese is a standard western Linux font 
and it should print correctly. If you are having trouble, they'd need to 

How are you printing? Are you printing the card using "open printing", 
"print", "close printing", or are you using revPrintField or revPrintText?

I am printing a card as in the following example:

on mouseUp  
  --set the printCommand to "lp %s" --(Prints to default printer over network in Ubuntu)   
  set the printCommand to "mv %s /home/bob/Desktop/" -- puts output in a file
  open printing
  print card "Card1"
  close printing  
end mouseUp

When there are no Portuguese symbols in the fields on this card, both methods (printing directly to the printer or producing a Postscript file) work OK. Also, if I double-click on the Postscript file, the program "Evince" displays the image of the card correctly in Ubuntu.

However, if the fields on my card DO contain Portuguese symbols, neither method of printing works sucessfully. If I double-click on the Postscript file, "Evince" cannot display it. (It just shows the message "Loading" and just continues trying forever.)


>Does the text in the field display correctly? (I told them I assumed so.)

Yes, it does.
But please note that I cannot type any text with accents into my card's fields in Rev. I have to paste it from another source.
I am using an Ubuntu that has been installed in English. To type letters with accents, I need to use a special keyboard sequence. This does of course work fine in programs other than Rev.
>What is the name of the font you are using?

I was originally using the Arial font in my fields, since the stack was imported from Windows. But now I am using a simple test program, and making changes to see what happens. I have tried not specifying a font at all for the single field and 2 buttons in my test program (i.e. the default font is presumed). I have just tried defining the font as Courier for these 3 controls. The result is always the same. If there are only English characters in the field, Evince displays the image of the Postscript file. If I paste characters with accents into the field, Evince can no longer display the image of the Postscript file.

>Are you setting the unicodeText of the field or just putting the text in 


I am just putting the text in normally. After reading the Help, I tried playing around with unicodeText, but since I don't really know anything about the subject, I gave up. Nothing worked.

>How is the printout corrupted? When you do a print job, in what way is 
it incorrect?

I don't get a printout unless I use English characters only. Then, it's perfect. I can print directly to the printer on paper, and I can produce a Postscript file which displays perfectly in the Evince program and can be printed afterwards.

If I include characters with accents in the field of my test program, nothing doing. The printer just sits there like an idiot, and the Evince program goes around in circles, failing to display the Postscript file.

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