Linux questions for Jacque

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Tue Mar 13 19:27:09 CDT 2007


First of all, please excuse my delay in replying. We've had no Internet 
(or cable TV) for the last day or so. How terrible!

Second, thanks for your very nice post. You are an example of the kind 
of communicative and helpful spirit that Rev needs more of.

I don't always read questions about things

I'm not familiar with, I just assume someone else will answer. I do 
usually catch my own name though, so if you specifically ask me on the 
list I'll try to find out. I can't guarantee an immediate response, 
since it will depend on the availability of the people I need to ask, 
what time of day I see your question, and whether anyone on the team is 
around. But I'll forward to them when I see it.

Could we kick off with the 2 questions I couldn't find answers to? Here they are:

1. In Rev Linux 2.6.1, can foreign symbols (with accents) be printed on 
the printer or not?

2. Why doesn't the following work?

put "smbclient\ \\\\john\\c\ mount" into procToDo
open process procToDo for update
write "dir" to process procToDo   [or "dir" & return]
read from process procToDo until eof
put it into field "test"
close process  procToDo

One note of hope is that the whole unix engine is being rewritten and it 
is likely that much of what's broken now will be fixed soon. Or at 
least, that's the idea.
Well put. I'll refrain from elaborating..... In all fairness though, it can't be an easy job. Let's hope that Rev's revised production procedures shine through on the next much-awaited release.

I am sympathetic to your position, if that helps.
It does, believe me.
And I do intend to install some version of 'nix and get going with it when I get a chance. 
That can only help my own business, as well as the level of support I 
can provide to RR customers. I found Peter's recent list of distros very 
helpful in making a decision.
Great stuff! Why not kick off with a few live CDs before installing something? It's a fine method of evaluation.

Best regards,

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