Simulated mouse messages

Marielle Lange mlange at
Wed Mar 7 06:44:26 EST 2007

Hi Brent,

> I'm working on simulating mouse messages and am hung up on how to  
> simulate mouseDown, mouseStillDown, and mouseUp messages from  
> script (specifically, network messages). Any thoughts?

Send is the obvious solution. Another one is "call". Another one is  

Send:  "All object references in the message are evaluated *relative  
to the target object*, not to the object whose script issued the send  
command. "
Call: "handler you call are treated *relative to the object whose  
script issued the call command*, not relative to the object you specify.
Click: "Use the click command to simulate the action of a click,  
instead of sending a mouseDown or mouseUp message--for example, to  
create a graphic or image with a handler."

A better way, however, is to write your script to work independent of  
the specific controls on the interface

on mouseup
end mouseup

on doWhateverNeedsToBeDoneOnMouseup
  	... processing ...
end doWhateverNeedsToBeDoneOnMouseup

and call "doWhateverNeedsToBeDoneOnMouseup" rather than "mouseup"

Marielle Lange (PhD),
Bite-size Applications for Education

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