VirtualStore-Deleting files on Vista

Shari shari at
Sat Jun 30 08:21:05 CDT 2007

Update:  The fellow did find a copy of the files stored in his VirtualStore.

It's a bit convoluted.  He started with a version of the game that 
DOES write to the Program Files area, so this would have created a VS 

He moved to a version that writes all files to one of specialFolderPath():


My app now looks for docs in the new locations, it does not look in 
the old location anymore in its own folder.  So I don't know if 
somehow VS rerouted the search path from say Documents to Program 
Files?  Where my proggy was looking in Documents but Vista rerouted 
the search to Program Files/VirtualStore?  Or whether even the new 
locations write to VS?

Those are the only two explanantions.  Neither scenario fits with how 
VS is supposed to work as far as I understand it.

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