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Fri Jun 29 09:48:52 EDT 2007

Hi Ken,

On Jun 29, 2007, at 5:32 AM, Ken Ray <kray at> wrote:

> After you get an account, you should download RevZilla for future bug
> logging - it's a lot easier to use and works right inside Rev:
> RevZilla2.htm

Thanks, I started an account and downloaded it. I'm sure you've  
heard, but your work on it is very nice. I've read about it when it  
has been referred to on the list -- now I understand its value.

>> I also tried placing the clickLine in a variable and trapping for it
>> in the mouseMove, mouseStilldown, or dragMove, but none of them
>> really eliminates the problem -- the selected line just flickers as
>> you move up and down the list. I couldn't think of other options. If
>> you know of something else I could try, please let me know.
> Sure - try wrapping the code in a lock screen/unlock screen combo - no
> need to use mouseUp:
> on mouseDown
>     lock screen
>     if the clickline is empty then
>         set the hilitedlines of me to empty
>         beep
>     else
>         put the value of the clickline
>     end if
>     unlock screen
> end mouseDown
> That should work...

I'm afraid it made no difference. The problem is still shown during  
click and drag.

take care,
randy hengst

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