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Except in Windoze the user SEES the folder right there... right?
On the mac, you at least have to know how to open up a package and 
most users don't or don't care.

  That's a big difference to me and I would think to the users, and 
not the same thing. And when you double click a Win folder, you see 
the contents, not start the app. Wouldn't an uninformed user have the 
possibility to move the startup exe separately from the folder?

sqb  (thankfully not of the Windows world)

>From: "Stephen Barncard" <stephenREVOLUTION at>
>>I didn't know that. I always thought a Windoze app usually 
>>consisted of a bunch of little files. I guess a multi stack project 
>>still is with Rev.
>We call it a file.  It is a file.  But the file is broken up into 
>segments (header etc).  Works exactly the same as a "bundle".  It's 
>just that we think of it as a file because that's how it's presented 
>to us in the OS. The same can be said for folders (directories). 
>They are no more "real" than files.  ;-)
>Scott Kane


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