ANN: New USB Drive Library

Len Morgan len-morgan at
Mon Jun 25 09:13:41 EDT 2007

I can't seem to get any of the drive letters to show up (I've tried 
three different "drives").  Is this normal?  If I can't access a USB 
drive as a drive letter (or useable name on Windows), what is the 
purpose of the library?

Also, is it possible to "turn off" a device?  I ask because I'm trying 
to write an app that will download images from a digital camera but I 
want to leave the camera plugged into the computer.  As soon as the 
cable is plugged in, the camera shuts off.  If I could "turn off" the 
USB connection, the camera would think that the cable had been 
disconnected and would turn back on.  The use of this would require too 
much plugging and unplugging of the cable to make it a long term solution.


Len Morgan

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