drawer opening wrong side --stubborn

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net
Sat Jun 23 16:50:28 EDT 2007

For once I'm going to be anti-Apple. I really dislike the whole  
concept of drawers. They had a certain "wow" power in the beginning;  
but, now I think they are a real pain in the derriere. Probably one  
of those "sight" issues, but I'd love to go back to windows with  
frames that can be moved around by grabbing the frame and dragging  
it. Is there something in the HIG that says we "must" use drawers? It  
used to be that we had a system that let us do our work and didn't  
get in the way. We were in control. Not so any more. It's not Rev's  
fault. It's Apple and M$'s race to always try something "different  
and supposedly better".

NOT IMHO; it's a fact! Boy did I get up on the wrong side of the  
computer this morning!!!

Joe Wilkins

On Jun 23, 2007, at 12:49 PM, kevin wrote:

> Hi Pamela,
> It is a bug -- the drawers don't work properly in Rev. On Mac OS  
> 10.3.x, they have a mind of their own and flee the screen like the  
> runaway bride when you move the parent stack. On 10.4.x, you cannot  
> convince them with any authority to open on the side you please.  
> Having said that, if the parent stack is too far to the left or  
> right of the screen, they will pop out on the correct side, its  
> just that when space isn't an issue, you can't seem to control  
> them. Historically, my drawers are very liberal and almost always  
> pop out on the left.
> Best,
> Kevin
> >I'm using drawers for the first time (have decided to try to conform
> >to Apple guidelines as a lark). I've tried to catch up on drawer-
> >related issues in the thread but so far have not found anybody with
> >my complaint.
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