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FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Sat Jun 23 02:17:22 EDT 2007

The following has taken me a while to resolve and may be quite a  common 
problem for Windows users that rely on the AltGr key. If I am  misrepresenting or 
overstating the issue, please post a correction.

The AltGr key on Windows sets a third keyboard state so  users can type the 
third symbol shown on their keyboard keys. When using  AltGrc.Q on some 
keyboards to insert the @ symbol and AltGrc.4 on other  keyboards to insert the Euro 
symbol, the symbol is not typed, or the stack will  quit, or unexpected 
navigation takes place.

There are two  bugs (plus a dependent problem in MC IDE) that work in mutual  

[1] AltGr shares the same keysim number as Ctrl in the  engine on Windows. 
AltGr.Q is interpreted as Ctrl.Q so on a Windows machine a  menu that has a 
Quit/Q shortcut and/or a commandKeyDown.Q handler will exit  instead of type @.

[2] RawKeyDown blocks AltGr even if it is 'passed' up  the message path 
hierarchy. This means you cannot implement a rawkeydown handler  and expect AltGr 
to work at the same time.

[3] AltGr.4 is the Euro symbol  on a UK keyboard. In the MC IDE, this is 
interpreted by the engine as Ctrl.4  (see 1) and the MC toolbar frontscript traps 
this as a 'Go Last' shortcut. This  only affect MC IDE users if you also have 
a rawkeydown handler in your  stack.

- Remove Quit/Q from menus.
- Remove your rawKeyDown handler.
- Close the MC toolbar, or edit its frontscript to ignore Ctrl.4

I have logged this as bug 5174 at



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