Best Practices using globals vs. custprops?

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I use girlfriends names, but after the first one I need to use  



On 22 Jun 2007, at 15:44, Shari wrote:

> Differentiating local and global variables:
> One way I differentiate is that all of my local variables are  
> related to *it*.  I always name a local variable some variation of  
> it, for example:
> tit, wit, skit, pit, grit, twit, spit...
> If I get confused and can't remember in a long handler if I've used  
> one of the its, I move to itty.
> itty, bitty, titty, witty, smitty
> So at a glance, I know these are locals without appending an L or T  
> or something.
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