Back to my standalone 10.2.x bug....

Shari shari at
Thu Jun 21 14:48:33 EDT 2007

Finally tested the Universal Build created in on my G-3 OS 10.2.8.

Results were mixed.  The standalone is not distributable to 10.2.x 
though my problem probably wouldn't affect most folks.

It launched, and went thru most of the startup routines without 
issue.  But it fails to create one file and that one file is a show 

I have a stack that is saved compressed into a custom property.  On 
first install, it decompresses it and turns it into a stack again, 
saving the stack to the Preferences folder.

This works fine on Windows and on OS 10.4.x.

But on 10.2.8 it chokes.

The first time I ran it, it created half the file.  The file existed, 
but it was half the size it should have been and failed to properly 

So I deleted it and tried launching again.  The second time it didn't 
even create half the file.  The file was not created, rendering the 
standalone useless as it relies on that file.

If I manually replace the half file with a good file and launch the 
program, it runs fine.  So there is some issue with either 
decompressing or binfile....

In addition, it creates a duplicate file of something else.  It's 
supposed to simply copy a stack that is distributed with the 
standalone to the Prefs folder.  It does this, but it also creates a 
duplicate copy with a funny name.  This file was created using:  save 
stack a as b   [this was created and works properly]
prefStack.A     [the A has two dots over it and never should have been created]

The mangled stack was created as follows:

# compressedStackPath is path to the compressed version of the stack
# newlyCreatedStack is the path to the uncompressed stack it's 
supposed to create

   set the itemDel to "/"
   put "" into the last item of compressedStackPath
   put pathToPrefsFolder & "/" into newlyCreatedStack
   if there is not a stack newlyCreatedStack then
     put the fileType into rememberFile
     put decompress(the smallPotatoes of stack compressedStackPath) into s
     set the fileType to "xxxxMSTK"
     set the stackFileType to "xxxxMSTK"
     put s into url ("binfile:" & newlyCreatedStack)
     save stack newlyCreatedStack
     wait 5 ticks
     set the fileType to rememberFile
   end if
   start using stack newlyCreatedStack

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