How to determine bug severity level?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Thu Jun 21 13:10:58 EDT 2007

Just to balance a rather irresponsible statement from the poster 
below (as there are prospective Rev people on the edge of buying the 
product also reading these words )  --

It seems the poster and I are on separate dimensions as I'm working 
on a major app, using a great percentage of 2.8 features and don't 
see "the scope and bugginess there appears to be in the current Rev 
release" that he talks about.

Rev today is LIGHT YEARS more stable and reliable than 3 years ago, 
when I first revisited Rev (after passing on the baffling and 
unattractive early versions of Metacard). And we can feel the results 
of the long conversion from the earlier 'spaghetti' code of earlier 

In the poster's own words, he 'haven't personally experienced all of 
the "reported" problems' yet he's spewing generalizations about the 
product, and making a broad statement of people 'leaving'.

Since this list doesn't seem to be crawling with hundreds of 
complaints similar to his, I'll have to assume the poster was 
exaggerating, and urge the poster to restrain himself when presenting 
broad criticism of the product on the product's mail list.

What is the intention of these baiting posts? To gather consensus to 
'kick Rev's ass' into compliance with some kind of populist uprising? 
This is a 'How To Use Revolution' list, not the broad complaint 

It must be depressing to be a coder in the thick of bug fixing and 
feature design at Rev and hear gross statements like this.

>IMO your are 100% on target. Frankly, I'm appalled at the scope and 
>degree of bugginess there appears to be in the current Rev release. 
>I don't see how anyone can have confidence in what they are doing as 
>things  stand. Were I working with the types of apps I used to 
>produce with HC, and foresaw inaccurate or lost data, I'd just throw 
>up my hands and withdraw from the game. Fortunately, in the fifteen 
>years my apps were in used with HC, I never had to do that. Since I 
>haven't personally experienced all of the "reported" problems 
>mentioned, I can still be somewhat reserved in my criticism; but not 
>for long. AFAIC, even work-arounds are only acceptable on a VERY 
>temporary basis. We can only make allowances for "all the great 
>stuff that Rev does that can't be done any other way" for just so 
>long. It appears from the temper of this list that this "so long" 
>could become "adios" for some.


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