[slightly [OT]] A little Help removing Galaxy

Derek Bump list at dreamscapesoftware.com
Wed Jun 20 17:01:02 EDT 2007


To be sure that the problem isn't Galaxy, you should consider installing
a fresh copy of Revolution and testing the problem you are experiencing
in your copy of Rev with Galaxy.

This way if there is a problem with your code (and I'm not saying there
is) then you don't have to risk causing further problems with your
current Revolution installation.

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

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Len Morgan wrote:
> I know this isn't the Galaxy support forum but I seem to have trouble
> getting through the Basecamp system they use for support.
> Can someone tell me an easy way to stop Galaxy from starting up when I
> launch Rev?  I've tried renaming files, moving folders, nothing seems to
> work.  It always comes back like a bad rash.  I'm just trying to see if
> the problem I'm having is with Galaxy or my code (more than likely the
> later but I'm not getting enough debug information to tell for sure).
> len
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