My son Andro.

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Tue Jun 19 00:51:35 EDT 2007

On 6/18/07, Richmond Mathewson <geradamas at> wrote:
> Plonked him down in front of my G4 MacMini and RR
> and told him to start "copying" the Mac Calculator.

Good luck, my son would have clicked on the Finder, clicked on the
Calculator then pressed CMD-D, then returned to laying around being useless

Hope the spark catches fire.

On a slight tangent, when my oldest son was around 8 or 9, he and his
brother had old hand-me-down macs in their bedroom. Needless to say we had a
bit of a problem with not doing homework etc etc, so one day I sat down and
wrote an AppleScript that would launch on start-up and ask for a password
before letting anything else happen - after 3 false entries it would
immediately shutdown. It took me about half a day to write the AppleScript,
but two weeks to conjure up a password scheme that would work.

I knew it couldn't be the same password each time as the boys would simply
remember it. So I had to have an ever changing password that, most
importantly, my wife would be able to remember so that when I was away she
could tell the boys.

I thought I was a genius when I eventually came up with a system that,
depending on the day of the week, would take two letters from the boys name,
and two letters from the name of the day and check that these appeared, in
reverse, at the very beginning and end of the entered password; it didn't
matter how many letters/characters were placed in the middle:-)

So on a Wednesday, before dinner I could tell one son that his password was:
more farts more phew
and after dinner:
most likely he didn't drive he flew
it could as easily have been:
mo49GH%$ &*VC25ew

all that was important was that 'mo' was the first two characters and 'ew'
the last two. On Thu it would need to be 'on' and 'ht', etc etc.

I was soooo impressed with my efforts as I had clearly demonstrated the
superior intellect of the all mighty parent. That warm fuzzy feeling lasted
all of two days, which is what it took my son to figure out (not by reading
or research, purely by fiddling) that he could get the 'Extension Manager'
to come up on start-up and then Turn Off the AppleScript Start Up Item :-(

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