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I am sorry for lack of info in my question,
My app is a standalone that has a valentina database where all content is

I have a rev app cgi running on my web site that is working, so I have the
connection to the web and the online database working both from the
standalone and the cgi app

I have added the "check for updates" button to the standalone app the
scripting of this button is where I am having trouble I know of two ways to
check for updates available either text file or put it into the database
(which is the way I think I will go)

It’s the downloading and installing of the updates I am not sure how to
handle, or should I use some other software to handle this?

This new standalone Is in the very initial stages so there will be many
updates in the coming months, but I want to get it out to my customers and
then add the features as I have time.


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Hi Robert,

Le 16 juin 07 à 14:09, Robert Mann a écrit :

> Looking for suggestions on what I should use for a "check for updates
> button" in my app? Has anyone used

Björnke posted a good suggestion: all this can be handled directly in  
You can explore how Rev makes it or how Chipp's plugins handle this  
kind of thing:
All this is rev code you can explore :-)

To take the next step, i.e. download and install a new version from  
the web, the "How to Download Data from the Internet" tutorial might  
help you:
How to Download Data from the Internet
This stack explains how to test the user connection, an url validity,  
why and how to use get url or load url, retrieve data from framed  
pages, give an account of download progress, manage errors, display  
retrieved data (web pages, stacks, compressed or not), etc.

As usual, you will access this tutorial through "Tutorials Picker" a  
free plugin that interfaces with the So Smart Software website in  
order to display all available tutorials stacks directly from the web.
You will find it by going to
Revolution/Plugins or Tutorials section.

Hope this helps.

Best regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.
Plugins and tutorials for Revolution:
Email: eric.chatonet at

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