problem deleting cards in v2.8.1?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Jun 15 15:29:37 EDT 2007

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> I haven't yet pinned down a recipe, but here's the issue:
> I have a stack with about two dozen cards, most of which share about 8 
> groups.
> When I use "delete card <cardName>" to delete a card, I get a hard crash 
> if I'm on that card.
> If I go to another card and delete the one I'd tried earlier, it works 
> but I also lose one (and only one) of my shared groups from all cards 
> which had them.
> But I found that if I first manually remove all shared groups, deleting 
> the card works like a champ.
> FWIW this stack was originally (years ago) a port from HC, so the 
> hcAddressing is true.
> Also, it's worth noting that I tried the delete with the lockMessages 
> set to true to rule out any interference with my scripts; still a crash.
> I can work on pinning down a recipe later, but right now I just need to 
> stay focused on getting this out the door now that I have a workaround.
> If any others here have had problems delete cards in v2.8.1 please let 
> me know so we can compare notes and post the recipe to BZ.

I haven't seen this particular problem, but almost every crash I've ever 
had with an imported HC stack has happened because the original was not 
thoroughly compacted in HC first before being imported into Rev. I don't 
suppose that helps you much, since it's a little late to do that in this 
case. HC wrote a lot of junk to stacks that needs to be removed before 
an import can be successfully accomplished, and sometimes the problem 
doesn't show up until later when you try to do something that needs to 
read that particular portion of the binary.

Not much help, I know.

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