Impressed: it has been years since I've been hacked this well :(

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Jun 14 21:25:32 EDT 2007

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> David Bovill wrote:
>> About an hour ago - while I was working at home, my Mac started to 
>> talk to
>> me - Matrix style. Well not exactly talk, but play movie clips, or at 
>> least
>> the sound of movie clips. A well judged selection of movies referring to
>> paranoia, security and well - computer viruses. Now I thought I knew a
>> little about this - but most definitely not. I am on OSX, with all the
>> latest security patches - no trace of Microsoft software and no 
>> temptation
>> to.. well to do stuff i shouldn't. A clean computer. behind a firewall,
>> built into a recent router - though I have no idea what sort of 
>> firewall....
>> and someone is playing me video files and quite possibly listening into
>> every word I type.
> Possible but not likely.  An exploit like that would have been big news 
> by now.  This seems a very targeted attack focused on you, and perhaps 
> more narrowly applied than it might seem:  got any roommates?  By 
> description this sounds like a locally-installed prank.

I just did a quick search on all the major anti-virus vendor sites and 
there is no match for "mac audio" or "mac movie" on any of them. Ditto 
nothing on Google. I'm thinking like you that someone is playing a joke.

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