Impressed: it has been years since I've been hacked this well :(

john at john at
Thu Jun 14 19:16:22 EDT 2007

Dear David,
But you don't think someone slipped "MooseTalk" or something similiar onto your Mac while you were out of the office do you? Or are you not in a shared environment?

Hoping for the best

John T
Not to make light of your predicament, 

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>Hey - if your listening can you play some of that movie again ???
>Or am I just being paranoid? Well to tell the truth this is extremely
>annoying, and will cause me to be offline for a few days till I fix it. I
>was hoping to get the code repository ready by the weekend, and now I don't
>dare type in my passwords to get onto the site - hope this ghost is
>relatively friendly. For those of you who don't have a clue what i am
>talking about - let me amuse you with my predicament and perhaps solicit
>some advice.
>About an hour ago - while I was working at home, my Mac started to talk to
>me - Matrix style. Well not exactly talk, but play movie clips, or at least
>the sound of movie clips. A well judged selection of movies referring to
>paranoia, security and well - computer viruses. Now I thought I knew a
>little about this - but most definitely not. I am on OSX, with all the
>latest security patches - no trace of Microsoft software and no temptation
>to.. well to do stuff i shouldn't. A clean computer. behind a firewall,
>built into a recent router - though I have no idea what sort of firewall....
>and someone is playing me video files and quite possibly listening into
>every word I type. Which means I can't do much at all - least of all
>recharge my Skype account with my credit card to phone some friendly geeks
>for help.
>Be afraid... be very afraid!
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