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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Thu Jun 14 17:21:14 EDT 2007

Still another remark.

I noticed that since my post one hour ago there are already about 20 
downloads of stack <>.

As the script of the "create tiles" button relies on imagedata, I think 
it necessary to direct your attention to one problem Revolution has with 
"imagedata" handling.

Paintcompression in Revolution defaults to PNG. The Metacard engine, 
which is still about  95% the basis of the Revolution engine, defaults 
to RLE, but in the Rev IDE the paintcompression is changed to PNG on 

All imagedata processes at present run much slower with PNG 
paintcompression as compared to RLE. As I have demonstrated in my test 
stack <> (14 
MB) accompanying my bug report for Bugzilla #5113, imagedata can be in 
the extreme 12 (twelve) times slower with the paintcompression set to 
PNG than with RLE.

In the case of stack "Create16Tiles" performance in the Rev IDE is about 
twice as slow as in the Metacard IDE.

I recommend to Rev users to set the paintcompression to RLE in all cases 
where the handling of imagedata is involved.


Wilhelm Sanke

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